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To Ulyanovsk for simbircite 2009

   So, I returned from Ulyanovsk.
The main purpose of the 2-week trip there was to take the children to a friend's dacha. The places are amazing!

This is the Volga, or rather the Kuibyshev reservoir. Sun, waves, white lambs on them, sand. And not a single person except us to the very horizon. And there are not even footprints in the sand ... Some kind of bounty ...
But how can you visit Ulyanovsk and not get Simbircites, ammonites and other things? This is beyond my power.
Who does not know what Simbirtsit looks like - see the photo header above.
In the Ulyanovsk shop-museum "Simbirtsit" it is defined as:

Already from my own experience I can say that simbircite is formed in voids. These voids can be found in ammonite chambers and nodule fissures. Simbircite grows from both sides of the cavity and meets each other in the middle. Therefore, in the context, it resembles two pieces of cheese laid on top of each other. But if the cavity is large, it does not fill completely. Opposite layers of simbircite do not touch each other. And you can see the true surface of simbircite. It is usually kidney-shaped. The unweathered surface of simbircite, freshly extracted from the void, is very pretty even without processing.
Symbircite varies in color from almost orange to brown. I don’t know which one is more appreciated, I like the bright one more. In addition, brown is often more fissured.
Concretions with simbircite are very strong, it is impossible to split them with my sledgehammer, you can only chip off a piece.
I want to say right away that after macro photography on the beach, sand got into the lens, and the camera broke. Pictures of poor quality were then taken on a mobile phone. Sorry.

Back in Moscow, he began to make inquiries about where to look for him. It followed from the Internet that it was necessary to search for it from Ulyanovsk to Undor. The Moscow and Ulyanovsk comrades gave more precise references. Armed with knowledge, I went to Ulyanovsk by car.
Adventures were not long in coming... We left at 6 am. But I couldn’t sleep: I fought mosquitoes all night. As a result, I fell asleep at the wheel in the middle of the journey.
Left to itself, the car continued to move at a speed of 120 km / h, gradually pulling to the side of the road with the firm intention of committing suicide in the nearest ditch. Luckily, the roadside was covered with rubble. She pounded on the bottom of the car. Thanks to what I woke up and returned the car to the road.

                                                                       DAY ONE - OUTLOOK
On the third day of my stay at the dacha, I began to break down - I had an unbearable desire to finally get to the simbircite. And taking my daughter with me (as always my son refused), I went out to quench my longing for the stone.
Turning off the road at the right place, I thoughtfully slowed down at the ingenuous inscription "Caution, firing is coming."

Remembering something about the Polygon, which they told me about, I very carefully stepped on the gas pedal and again very carefully pulled through the danger zone. And not in vain: then they told me about what holes stray bullets leave on cars on this road. Artillery volleys found me already on the coast. I went to the coast in the area of the Slate mine. This is considered the Undora resort area. And indeed, it is very beautiful there.

  Having descended to the water from the steep bank, I was amazed at the number of belemnites. They were scattered all over the place, like matches after an explosion in a match factory. Gradually, I found several pieces of simbircite. Moreover, the search was conducted on land, on water and under water!
The presence of ammonites was indicated by their prints. The day turned out to be sunny and it was easy to look for ammonites - they burned in the sun, but there were few of them. And mostly rubble.

But still managed to find 2 "wheels" with a diameter of 30 cm. They were terribly weathered and destroyed. But I was not interested in them, but in what they have inside: in the cavities of their chambers you can find a lot of interesting things (simbircite, pyrite, gypsum). The remains of the ammonites were mercilessly split and, lo and behold,


They also managed to find gypsum in the rocks on the shore and even chipped off one piece in the form of ore without destroying it. There was also pyrite powder.

I walked about 2 kilometers along the coast until I saw a green booth with an antenna. Life experience suggested that it is better not to meddle there, and did not deceive, as it turned out. Satisfied they returned home. But it turned out to be just a warm-up!

                                                                  DAY TWO - INTRODUCTION
Through acquaintances of a friend, they arranged a meeting with the main miner of simbircite and ammonites, who harvests them on an industrial scale. As usual, you can’t do this, because. there is a preserve. Given this, I will not give details to the whole country. But with sadness I can state - everything is like everywhere else.
We sat, drank vodka, talked about our own. Including how he does not allow competitors on the coast. And we parted on the fact that he does not allow me to search, but I still will ... :)
By the way, the ammonites are all selected, new ones are mined when water is drained into the reservoir, or when rains and landslides expose them on the slopes. To do this, his people regularly go around the coast. In short, worthy ammonites do not shine for a person from outside.
Along the way, it turned out that the booth with the antenna is the stronghold of the reserve, and the fishermen are informants about the violators.

                                                                    DAY THREE - SUCCESSFUL
I decided to look for luck elsewhere, and a friend suggested such a place. The reserve hospitably opened the gates for me


The whole road was littered with shell casings. Looks like they shot stone lovers ... :))
I went down to the water and, lo and behold! Simbirtsit was everywhere! It was just a matter of bending down and picking up.

Having reached the level of simbircite, I gained 20 kilograms.
By the way, there are practically no dead bodies in this area. And yet the best belemnites I found there

                                                             DAY FOUR - MEANINGLESS
How not to go again when the stone itself goes into the hands?
And already meaningfully collected the best. The best was 25 kilograms ...
Here is an example of beauty

She is now lying in parts at my house ... It will be something to do on long winter evenings. Just need to make a grinder. And I will do it!
Vacation was a success!

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