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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)

Quartz "grape Chalcedony " and milky

Article: 1423
All analogues and classification: ...2 Habitus unusual Quartz
Size: 95*62*51mm
Field: Staritsky quarry, Tver region, RF

Grape chalcedony is a trade name for peculiar samples in the form of chaotic clusters of small quartz balls 2-5 mm in size, with a smooth or velvety surface. The name "grape chalcedony" given by its formal resemblance to chalcedony, for which (unlike quartz) spherulites and kidney-shaped spherulite crusts are very characteristic. However, chalcedony as such, even in the form of seeds or thin layers, was not found in any of the several dozen samples we studied. The text is taken from the website "Drawing Minerals..." The above refers to the Indonesian "Grape Chalcedony", but the owner of the site and about samples from Staritsa said that his research did not find chalcedony there.

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