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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)
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Blue rays, Rock Crystal

Article: 1920
All analogues and classification: Blue rays Rock Crystal
Size: 120*37*32mm
Field: Aldan, Perekatnoe, Yakutia, RF

Blue rays in the rock crystal. RARE! "Blue rays" become visible in crystal crystals only at a certain angle of view (that is, at a certain angle of inclination of the crystal). But even if they appear, it is very impressive - in the form of a network of thin intersecting (usually at an angle of 60 °) rays, shining blue, like the thinnest rain trickles illuminated by the sun. This phenomenon is caused by the scattering of light by a system of short thin cracks oriented in the crystal parallel to the faces of a rhombohedron or (more rarely) a basopycanoid and healed by the smallest gas-liquid bubbles. , in - a transition, or they arise in connection with the formation of crystalline defects - narrow hollow channels, fan-shaped diverging from solid inclusions in quartz. It is possible that both proposed mechanisms for the production of "blue rays" are at work.

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