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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)
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Glendonite (Taimyr!)

Article: 2454
All analogues and classification: Glendonite
Size: 26*23*23mm
Field: Taimyr, B. Balakhny river, RF

Глендонит. Таймыр! 

Glendonite. Taimyr! There are only three manifestations of glendonites in the world: 2 in Russia (White Sea and Taimyr Peninsula) and 1 in Australia. Since the occurrence of glendonites near the White Sea is located in the densely populated European part of Russia, although specimens from there are rare, they regularly enter the market. The situation is different with the glendonites of Taimyr. There are no people, communications and roads for hundreds of kilometers. Therefore, even in Russia they are very difficult to acquire. Glendonites from the Taimyr Peninsula are extremely rare! Previously, they entered the market when a geological party worked there in Soviet times. But in 2021, a group of enthusiasts organized an expedition there, which turned out to be successful. Their two previous expeditions were unsuccessful, since the coordinates of the manifestation were lost, the point could not be found. This year their expedition on two all-terrain vehicles was crowned with success. The autonomous expedition lasted 1.5 months, without mobile communications. In the photo there is a report about this expedition in the Mineralogical Museum. A.E. Fersman AN RF. The number of Glendonites on offer is limited and will not be replenished in the next few years due to the cost of expeditions to this polar region.

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