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Weekend walk: Domodedovo, Sitnya, Lukhovitsy 2019

Just a weekend trip - after all, you have to go somewhere ... Therefore, the report will be short.

Left at 7 am - returned at half past midnight. Mileage 470km. For the first time I experienced an off-road SUV. Not on purpose - it was 10 km shorter. Today I had to launder ... And what's interesting: I saved 45 rubles on gasoline. And I gave 450 for washing ...)). But drive! Not to say that I would go to mine - just take a break from the city.

Photo descriptions along the route:

Domodedovo quarry.


Домодедовский карьер

Silicite quartz. Surprised - did not know that quartz is found there in such quantities. It was not possible to take it: silicite is painfully strong - it even rings from the blow.

Кварцевая жеода

Кварцевая жеода

Стенка карьера

A small geode of sparkling crystal, covered with a film of limonite with a tint. Very beautiful play in the light.

Кварц под иризирующей пленкой

Кварц под иризирующей пленкой

Staraya Sitnya. I wander through unknown ravines.

Один из оврагов Старой Ситни

In the side of one hole - it's not I dug. There are no traces. Badgers?

Чьи-то норы

The Bunchikha River near Staraya Sitnya, which flows, by Moscow standards, in a canyon, is considered one of the most picturesque rivers in the Moscow region.

Река Бунчиха живописна....

Река Бунчиха

 Река Бунчиха

Река Бунчиха

Река Бунчиха

Tadpoles huddle and rest underwater on rocks....

Головастики  на мелководье

A 20 cm snake raised its head above the water. Look who's walking around.

Ужик поднял голову над водой

Staraya Sitnya - Kantorovsky ravine.

Канторовский овраг

Lukhovitsky quarry. General plans.

Луховицкий карьер

Луховицкий карьер

Желваки кремня в известняке.

Желваки кремня


Characteristic blue stripes in red flint.

Кремень с синим налетом

Some quartz.


The holidays are over. But the trip will end when the last fine from the cameras arrives...

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