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Payment and Shipping minerals and stones

We are located in Moscow, Russia, but ship minerals worldwide. Despite the fact that many countries have now closed the skies for aircraft from Russia, there are no problems with delivery: Russian post is now carried by land, sea transport (this was already the case in 2020, when planes did not fly due to Covid) and even delivers by mail of other countries. Therefore, there are no problems with delivery to the EU countries, the USA, Canada, Japan, and so on. We do not send parcels to Australia, Poland, Denmark and Sweden due to the lack of postal solutions.

   You can verify the reliable operation of the Russian Post at the present time here 

Payment for goods

Payment form

  • prepayment

Payment Methods

  • Pay-pal

We accept pay-pal payments from our representative in Bulgaria. Therefore, buyers do NOT have problems due to the fact that Pay-Pal does not currently send payments to Russia. You pay via PayPal the same way as before. Payment is made NOT to the contact mail indicated on the site, but to the mail of our representative, which we will inform you after the assembly and verification of the order.

Due date

Payment term - no later than seven calendar days from the moment you order the goods on the website. If for any reason you cannot pay within this period, please let us know about the period acceptable to you - we will try to find a compromise. Otherwise, the reservation will be cancelled.

Cumulative payment

It is possible to store the paid goods and subsequently pay for additional orders with sending a single parcel. But within three months.


Shipping regions

The whole world, where the Russian Post delivers.

Delivery methods

  • Russian Post. International economic delivery

Cost of delivery

  • up to 100g   - $12,5
  • up to 250g   - $16
  • up to 500g   - $23
  • up to 1000g - $36
  • up to 2000g - $65
  • over 2000g  - to be specified.

The shipping cost depends only on the weight of the parcel and is determined and reported to the buyer after the order is assembled. We do combined shipping.

Responsibility :

The store returns the cost of the goods and delivery if the buyer does not receive it through the fault of the seller in accordance with the public offer agreement. Deadline for filing claims: - for the quality of the goods - two weeks from the date of receipt - in case of non-receipt of the goods

- half a year from the date of payment. However, in all the years only one parcel was lost. Russian Post works great! .

Public offer agreement, privacy policy and consent to the processing of personal data


How to place an order

Buyer response time

The buyer's response time to my letter about the readiness of the order (this is the second, non-automatic, letter) is a maximum of three days. If there is no response within the specified period, the reservation is cancelled. Also, the order can be canceled if the buyer does not answer clarifying questions during the correspondence for three days.


Payment details are sent after the response of the buyer and the assembly of the order.

Track number

After sending, you will be sent a tracking number of the shipment, and you can find out about the movement of your parcel on mail tracking page post of the Russian Federation.

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