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    What was remarkable about this exhibition compared to the previous ones? Everyone has their own answer to this question, depending on what they saw earlier, and what they noticed this time. The exhibition occupies 4.5 large pavilions (more than two directly under mineralogy) - so there is a great chance to miss something. In my opinion, the exhibition passed without any special novelties. "Without special" - so they still were. For me, these are relatively large (because of which they look more like fluorite) cokimbite crystals on the rock (I brought it); well-formed, but expensive zunuite crystals in the rock; pink fluorite flasks from China; vivianite from Romania, similar to Bolivian. Of the expositions, I liked the showcase of medium-sized, but picturesque samples 5-6 cm in size, effectively arranged and illuminated - I would still like to arrange my collection in this way someday...

       Of course, the dynamics of prices, as always, is frustrating. Arizona turquoise has risen in price by 50%, cavansites have risen in price by 3 times (they say that the manifestation has been worked out - new material is no longer available). On the other hand, one Chinese woman managed to purchase several samples of minerals at reasonable prices, which is not typical for the Chinese of the last three exhibitions. I also bought a sample from her for my collection: a composite scattering of optical cuboctahedral colorless fluorite crystals on vertical antimonite needles (5cm). With clearly visible inclusions of antimonite in fluorite. Unfortunately, at this stage I can not show a photo - the sample is still on its way.

      What else was remarkable in Munich? Perhaps the fact that the inspectors checked me twice in the subway. There is no turnstile entrance to the metro, but the fine for ticketless travel is like 300 euros. I had tickets. Before that, I had not met controllers for six years.

    I went through customs for 3 hours (I didn’t like the face of the customs officer right away ...): I had to unpack all the samples, measure each in three directions and enter the dimensions in the declaration. Then again unpack and show each for the next customs procedure. But missed. This long procedure is still better than the once quick one, but ended with the placement of the cargo in a temporary storage warehouse. I was late for the last and prepaid express train to the station, I got by taxi.

       During the passage of customs, I was struck by the dialogue of my customs officer with the authorities, who are two steps higher in rank than him. To me, who had both grandfathers in uniform, such a dialogue and subordination seemed strange, to put it mildly:

- Mikhalych, why don't you accept a declaration from a person?
- Here the shifter will come - she will accept it. By the way, why is it not there, why do I have to recycle all the time?
- Well, you know our situation. She does not smoke bamboo, now she will finish her business and come.
- What do I have to do with it? Why do I always have to work overtime? Explain to me!
- I don't have to explain anything to you. You actually work here as long as I don't mind.
- Fuck you...!
- What did you say?! Well go to work!!

Mdya... High relations. And with outsiders...

      But let's get back to a more joyful topic - directly to the samples from the exhibition. This time I decided not to chase the number of photos for the report and take only those samples that pushed me, shape, color or something else. And that's what happened.

At the entrance, a traditional pyrite stand was greeted with a ruler of crystals from 6 cm to the size of a fabric stitch. Please note: in the photo, the smallest crystals are uneven, because. they are almost invisible.



Eyed-eared specimen at the exhibition of the second hall

Глапзасто-ушастый минерал

Large, larger than a large watermelon, polished specimen of rock crystal with rutile crystals in it. It seems as if this is a huge cave, and speleologists are about to appear between the crystals.

горный хрусталь с рутилом

Внутри большого волосатика

Pseudomorphosis of chalcedony along the passages of a coral borer (let's call it that). The upper part is coiled, the tube is hollow. Bring some samples.

Псевдоморфоза халцедона

Calcite resembling a thrown net or sponge.

Today I will be full of beer. And not only today!

Сегодня я буду полон пива

Luminous in UV willemite (green) in calcite (red). Bring some samples. In the background are hyalite opals. (also brought)

Виллемит в кальците

Aragonite spherulites in cavities. Spain (brought such samples)

Сферолиты арагонита

Meanwhile, in the fossil pavilion...

в павильоне окаменелостей...

There were also Russian samples on the VIP windows

российские образцы

российские образцы

Exhibition samples of beryl

образцы бериллов

Showcase with small samples that I liked so much...

Витрина с небольшими образцами минералов

Витрина с небольшими образцами минералов

Let's move on to the most expensive showcases. Where prices are not indicated, it means that they are so high that it is better to discuss privately-individually. I tried to shoot with labels, so comments are superfluous.


But I really liked this sample for its pastel elegance.

The size of dioptase crystals is impressive...


If you stand in front of an open showcase with such expensive samples, the feeling is completely different ... When the exhibition was closing, and the samples were already being removed, I went to the showcase with the door open and began to take pictures of very expensive samples without glass. Nobody drove me away. He began to bring the camera closer. Suddenly, bam! She leaned against the glass. How can this be? It turns out that the door was opened from a neighboring showcase, and not from this one. What a bummer ... However, then I still managed to photograph without glass, but not so expensive specimens.

More sample photos below.

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