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     Returned from Munich from the Mineral Show. It was the 50th anniversary mineral show. And for me, how to say it ..., not the first. Against the background of what I saw there earlier, the exhibition upset me: if last time my jaw dropped to the floor from what I saw, now I was already walking, boring, accustomed to everything, as I have been walking through the Symphony of Gems for a long time. So what, what is the largest in Europe? So what if there are 4 indoor football fields? We swam, we know ... No, jokes, jokes, but such a quick addiction to good things scares me. Each time, more and more doses of adrenaline or impressions are required. Of the Russian tables, in my opinion, the most consistent with European traditions is Petrenko's table (or rather tables). Perhaps that is why they were in the pavilion with expensive samples. But he did not get into the VIP zone. The samples are not the same. But I must say that in Moscow, I have not seen such examples of brilliant vivianite and pyrrhotite. Brilliant - in the sense they really shone. But in the VIP zone, vivianite, although it did not shine, was transparent, green and large. Ural, I did not notice something.

The best malhansike tourmalines (again, I haven’t seen such in Russia) were on the table of the Poles ...

I won't talk much about the exhibition, for those who want details, see my report on the last exhibition. I'll just provide pictures. Of the new - there was a new theme of the exhibition exposition (exactly an exhibition, not a sale, which presents the best examples from the world's museums). The theme is gold. But gold in itself does not touch me - I did not even begin to examine the entire exposition.

I saw crystalline sugilite! A 5mm translucent pale lilac crystal sat in a small void in the vein sugilite. It was sooooo expensive.
I bought myself a two-headed amethyst with rutile inside (before that, they wrote on the forum that such an association does not occur) from a rare Brazilian deposit for 10 euros and a piece of quartz with a suspicion of a pinacoid for 5 euros. But Medvar cut off quartz from the same deposit with a large and frank pinacoid and additional faces at the junction of the main faces of the crystal head

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