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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)

Rancieite mineral - You can buy these samples

Rancieite is a mineral, a complex hydroxide of manganese and calcium. It occurs in the form of films, buds, crusts, fibrous and granular masses.

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Physical properties of Rancieite

Formula: (Ca,Mn2+)0.2(Mn4+,Mn3+)O2 · 0.6H2O
Colour: Black, brownish, violet.
Lustre: Metallic
Hardness: 2½ - 3
Specific Gravity: 3.20
Crystal System: Trigonal 
Member of: Birnessite Group
Code: 1535
Staritsky quarry, Tver region, RF

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Code: 4301
Staritsky quarry, Tver region, RF

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Code: 1534
Tver region, RF

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