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Hematite mineral - You can buy these samples

Hematite (red iron ore) is a widespread mineral of iron, one of the main ores for iron. Its composition is iron oxide. The name is translated from Greek as "bloody red", which is due to the color of its line, which is one of the diagnostic signs of hematite. Hematite is usually found in the form of solid masses, but crystals that have a flattened shape are not uncommon, including in the composition of "iron roses" - spherulites of split lamellar hematite crystals.

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Physical properties of Hematite

Category Oxide minerals
(repeating unit)
iron(III) oxide, Fe2O3, α-Fe2O3
IMA symbol Hem
Strunz classification 4.CB.05
Dana classification
Crystal system Trigonal
Crystal class Hexagonal scalenohedral (3m)
H–M symbol: (3 2/m)
Space group R3c
Unit cell a = 5.038(2) Å;
c = 13.772(12) Å; Z = 6
Color Metallic grey, dull to bright "rust-red" in earthy, compact, fine-grained material, steel-grey to black in crystals and massively crystalline ores
Crystal habit Tabular to thick crystals; micaceous or platy, commonly in rosettes; radiating fibrous, reniform, botryoidal or stalactitic masses, columnar; earthy, granular, oolitic
Twinning Penetration and lamellar
Cleavage None, may show partings on {0001} and {1011}
Fracture Uneven to subconchoidal
Tenacity Brittle
Mohs scale hardness 5.5–6.5
Luster Metallic to splendent
Streak Bright red to dark red
Diaphaneity Opaque
Specific gravity 5.26
Density 5.3
Optical properties Uniaxial (−)
Refractive index nω = 3.150–3.220, nε = 2.870–2.940
Birefringence δ = 0.280
Pleochroism O = brownish red; E = yellowish red
Code: 863
Rudnogorsk deposit, Irkutsk region, Eastern Siberia, RF

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Code: 864
Rudnogorsk deposit, Irkutsk region, Eastern Siberia, RF

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Code: 862
Rudnogorsk deposit, Irkutsk region, Eastern Siberia, RF

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Code: 3093
Shabry, Sverdlovsk region, Middle Urals, RF

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Code: 1925
Hematite hill, Sverdlovsk region, Middle Urals, RF

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