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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)

Getchellite mineral - You can buy these samples

Getchellite is a rare little described mineral from the orpiment group.

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Physical properties of Getchellite

Category Sulfide mineral
(repeating unit)
IMA symbol Get
Strunz classification 2.FA.35
Dana classification
Crystal system Monoclinic
Crystal class Prismatic (2/m)
(same H-M symbol)
Space group P21/a
Formula mass 293.81 g/mol
Color Dark red, sometimes with a purple to green iridescent tarnish
Crystal habit Subhedral crystals and massive with a platy texture
Twinning Simple and polysynthetic twins with the twin plane and composition plane parallel to {001}
Cleavage Perfect on {001}
Fracture Splintery
Tenacity Sectile; cleavage flakes are flexible and inelastic
Mohs scale hardness 1.5 to 2
Luster Vitreous to pearly on cleavage surfaces, otherwise resinous
Streak Orange red
Diaphaneity Transparent
Specific gravity 3.92 (observed) 4.0 (calculated)
Optical properties Biaxial (+), 2V=46°
Refractive index n = 2.720. Dispersion r > v strong
Melting point 340 °C to 355 °C
Other characteristics Not radioactive
Code: 497
Khaidarkan, Kyrgyzstan

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