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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)

Aventurine mineral - You can buy these samples

Aventurine is a metamorphic rock consisting of quartzite and mica flakes, due to which, at a certain angle, aventurine "plays" in the light. Initially, aventurine was called glass with metal filings, which was formed during the careless work of the master in past centuries. Hence the name, which means “to happen”. The aventurine rock, similar to glass with sawdust, was discovered much later and was also named. However, 95% of aventurine in jewelry is a fake - all the same glass with inclusions. For fakes, an absolutely uniform distribution and ideally the same size of sparkles are characteristic, the absence of a change in the color of the host rock.
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Physical properties of Aventurine

Formula: SiO2
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