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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)

Analcime mineral - You can buy these samples

Analcime is a mineral close to zeolites and containing zeolitic water in its composition.

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Physical properties of Analcime

Category Zeolite
(repeating unit)
IMA symbol Anl
Strunz classification 9.GB.05
Crystal system Orthorhombic
Crystal class Dipyramidal (mmm)
H-M symbol: (2/m 2/m 2/m)
Space group Ibca
Color White, colorless, gray, pink, greenish, yellowish
Crystal habit Typically in crystals, usually trapezohedrons, also massive to granular.
Twinning Polysynthetic on [001], [110]
Cleavage Very poor [100]
Fracture Uneven to subconchoidal
Mohs scale hardness 5 - 5.5
Luster Vitreous
Streak White
Specific gravity 2.24 - 2.29
Optical properties Isotropic; anomalously biaxial (-)
Refractive index n = 1.479 - 1.493
Fusibility 3.5
Other characteristics Weakly piezoelectric; weakly electrostatic when rubbed or heated.
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