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Lovozero. Kola Peninsula


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The Lovozero mountain range is a mountain range on the Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk region of Russia.

          It is located between Lovozero and Umbozero. The peaks are flat, rocky, without forest vegetation. In the lower part the slopes are covered with coniferous forests. Some of the slopes are very steep. The highest point is Mount Angvundaschorr (1120m). There is no forest vegetation on the peaks. The rocks of the mountains are composed of nepheline syenites.

A deposit of rare earth metals has been discovered in the mountain range, which has large reserves of tantalum, niobium, cesium, cerium and other metals, as well as zirconium raw materials (eudialyte). The field has been developed and has been in operation for a long time. Numerous deposits of rare, sometimes unique, collectible minerals have been discovered within the massif. There are 340 known mineral species in the massif, one third of which are rare and extremely rare. 73 new minerals were discovered in the Lovozero massif. And this data is constantly updated.

         The Lovozero mountain range was discovered relatively recently and, perhaps, is the last mountain range discovered in Europe. In 1887, the Society of Researchers of Finnish Fauna and Flora in Helsingfors, with the support of the Imperial Alexander University and several private individuals, equipped an expedition that was supposed to penetrate deep into the Kola Peninsula. The expedition was headed by V. Ramsay, who owns this discovery. During the expedition, V. Ramsay carried out a number of routes along the Lovozero massif and collected rock collections. The mineral ramzaite, first discovered in 1923, was named in honor of V. Ramsay. on the Kola Peninsula in the Khibiny massif.

        In the center of the massif is Seidozero, which, together with the adjacent gorges and mountain slopes, forms the Seidyavvr (Seydyavr) nature reserve. On the territory of the reserve there are Raslak cirques - two geological formations, which are round bowls of glacial origin several kilometers in diameter with walls up to 250 meters high.

The mountain range of the Lovozero tundra has long been considered the "place of power" of the ancient Sami (Lapps). Due to their unusual appearance, the circuses of Raslak have also been the subject of Sami legends and legends since ancient times, among them is the legend that these are the remains of temples built many centuries ago by giants.

In addition, there are legends that it was in Lovozery that the ancient civilization of Hyperborea was located - the legendary northern country, repeatedly mentioned in ancient myths.

Reports on trips for a stone in Lovozero: 2020г   2018г   2017г   2016г   2010г

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