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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)

Wholesale "...3. Fluorescence UV"

Luminescence of minerals

- the phenomenon of the glow of minerals in ultraviolet rays. The reasons for luminescence are as follows: when a photon hits the atoms of the crystal lattice, its energy is transferred to them. This leads to a change in the oscillation frequency at the nodes of the crystal lattice. Keep in mind that the energy of UV radiation is stronger than ordinary light. As a result, the ions change their location.

Luminescence is divided into two types:

- a phenomenon in which the sample returns to its previous state almost immediately after the cessation of irradiation,

- a phenomenon in which the sample continues to glow for some time after the cessation of irradiation with UV light. The fading of the glow can last up to several hours.
   List of minerals with luminescence




Calcite *Mn Red
Fluorite Sometimes Purple
Minerals with uranium   Green



Willemite   Green
Scheelit Only

bright blue
Corundum Sapphire does not Crimson
Kunzite   Pink
red spinel   bright red
Opal   Blue
Danburite   Blue
Topaz   Green
Emerald Sometimes Red
Amber   Green


there is no color

Benitoite Sometimes Blue

Pale purple, with about.

Elba - blue

Mellit   Blue
Topaz   Green
Gagarinite   White
greenockit   Yellow
magnesite   Greenish
Dolomite Sometimes  
hydrozincite   Blue
hydrozincite Sometimes  

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Northern quarry, Mount Alluive, Lovozersky massif, Kola Peninsula, RF
Min 42*27*16mm/ Max 56*53*24mm

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