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Polished stones - full range in stock "Talc"

Talc is a common metamorphic mineral on the Mohs hardness scale. The hardness of talc is the smallest and equal to one. To the touch, talc is greasy. It is divided into several types. Talc was mentioned in the writings of George Agricolla, a Renaissance scientist.

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Physical properties of Talc

Category Silicate mineral
(repeating unit)
IMA symbol Tlc
Strunz classification 9.EC.05
Crystal system Monoclinic or triclinic
Crystal class Either prismatic (2m) or pinacoidal (1)
Space group C2/c or C1
Unit cell a = 5.291 Å, b = 9.173 Å
c = 5.290 Å; α = 98.68°
β = 119.90°, γ = 90.09°; Z = 2 or
a = 5.287 Å, b = 9.158 Å
c = 18.95 [Å], β = 99.3°; Z = 4
Color Light to dark green, brown, white, grey, colorless
Crystal habit Foliated to fibrous masses, rare as platey to pyramidal crystals
Cleavage Perfect on {001} basal cleavage
Fracture Flat surfaces (not cleavage), fracture in an uneven pattern
Tenacity Sectile
Mohs scale hardness 1 (defining mineral)
Luster Waxlike or pearly
Streak White jot to pearl black
Diaphaneity Translucent
Specific gravity 2.58 to 2.83
Optical properties Biaxial (-)
Refractive index nα = 1.538 – 1.550
nβ = 1.589 – 1.594
nγ = 1.589 – 1.600
Birefringence δ = 0.051
Pleochroism Weak in dark varieties
Ultraviolet fluorescence Short UV=orange yellow, long UV=yellow
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Hematite hill, Sverdlovsk region, Middle Urals, RF

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Shaitanka-Oktyabrskoye, Middle Urals, RF

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