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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)

Polished stones - full range in stock "Rhodonite"

Rhodonite (ruby spar or orlets) is a widespread low-temperature mineral. Contains manganese, which determines its color. It is unstable to weathering, while becoming covered with black crusts or veins. As a rule, it occurs in the form of solid masses, but it also forms crystals, which are quite rare and are a valuable collection mineral.

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Physical properties of Rhodonite

Category Inosilicate
(repeating unit)
IMA symbol Rdn
Strunz classification 9.DK.05
Dana classification
Crystal system Triclinic
Crystal class Pinacoidal (1)
(same H-M symbol)
Space group P1
Unit cell a = 9.758 Åb = 10.499 Åc = 12.205 Åα = 108.58°β = 102.92°γ = 82.52°Z = 20
Color Pink, rose-pink to brownish red, red, gray and yellow
Crystal habit Tabular crystals, massive, granular
Twinning Lamellar, composition plane {010}
Cleavage Perfect on {110} and {110}, (110) ^ (110) = 92.5°; good on {001}
Fracture Conchoidal to uneven
Mohs scale hardness 5.5–6.5
Luster Vitreous to pearly
Streak White
Diaphaneity Transparent to translucent
Specific gravity 3.57–3.76
Optical properties Biaxial (+)
Refractive index nα = 1.711–1.738nβ = 1.714–1.741nγ = 1.724–1.751
Birefringence δ = 0.013
Pleochroism Weak
2V angle 58° to 73° (measured), 58° (calculated)
Alters to Exterior commonly black from manganese oxides
Code: 4026
Borodulino deposit, middle Urals, RF

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Code: 4027
Borodulino deposit, middle Urals, RF

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