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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)

Fluorescent Minerals (UV) "Agate"

Agate is a mineralogical formation, a patterned variety of chalcedony. Usually have a striped pattern, usually spherical, but parallel stripes are also found. Agates also include moss and dendroagate, the pattern in which is formed by the inclusion of other minerals or dendrocrystals, respectively.

The formation of agates is of two types: high-temperature (in air bubbles of cooling lava flows) and low-temperature (in karst cavities).

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Physical properties of Agate

Category Chalcedony variety
(repeating unit)
SiO2 silicon dioxide
IMA symbol Aga
Crystal system Rhombohedral (microcrystalline)
Color banded
Crystal habit Cryptocrystalline silica
Cleavage None
Fracture Conchoidal with very sharp edges
Mohs scale hardness 6.5–7
Luster Waxy
Streak White
Diaphaneity Translucent
Specific gravity 2.58–2.64
Refractive index 1.530–1.540
Birefringence up to +0.004 (B-G)
Pleochroism Absent
Code: 1..89
Golutvin, Moscow region, RF

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