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Collectible minerals - full range in stock "Quartz red"

Red quartz is a mineral, a variety of quartz, named for its color. The color of red quartz can have a dual nature: it can be due to changes at the molecular level or external inclusions. Red quartz, whose color is determined at the molecular level, is found only in Russia in the Far East near Dalnegorsk. Mineralogically, it is a true red quartz. Red quartz, whose color is due to impurities of other minerals (usually hematite), in turn, can be divided into two groups: an external coating with a thin red film and the inclusion of red particles in the crystal body during its growth.

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Code: 2237
2-d Soviet mine, Dalnegorsk, Primorye, RF

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Code: 716
2-d Soviet mine, Dalnegorsk, Primorye, RF

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