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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)

Collectible minerals - full range in stock "Pushkinite"

Puskinite - mineral, local name for a variety of the mineral epidote. IMA not registered. Named after Count Musin-Pushkin. Opened in the Urals in 1900. Then the mine was lost and rediscovered in the 60s. last century. It is usually green in color - from black-green or bluish-green to grass-green, yellowish and occasionally ocher-yellow. The classic color of Pushkinite is bottle green. It has pleochroism: the color of the crystals changes depending on the direction of the light.

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Physical Properties of Pushkinite

Color:             Green, dark green
Transparency: Transparent or translucent

Code: 4207
Mine Katsna pit, Sverdlovsk region, Ural

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Code: 3481
Mine Katsna pit, Sverdlovsk region, Ural

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Code: 3482
Mine Katsna pit, Sverdlovsk region, Ural

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