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Diameter, mm (1mm - 0,039inch)

Collectible minerals - full range in stock "Phlogopite"

Phlogopite is a mineral from the group of micas of the biotite-phlogopite isomorphic series. The largest crystal was found in Canada and weighed 330 tons.

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Physical properties of Phlogopite

Category Mica, phyllosilicates
(repeating unit)
IMA symbol Phl
Strunz classification 9.EC.20
Crystal system Monoclinic
Crystal class Prismatic (2/m)
(same H-M symbol)
Space group C2/m
Color Brown, brownish red, dark brown, yellow, yellowish brown, green, white and gray
Crystal habit Tabular, scaly masses, rarely perfect phenocryst tablets
Twinning Composition twinning
Cleavage Perfect basal (001)
Fracture None
Tenacity Tough, flexible thin laminae
Mohs scale hardness 2–2.5
Luster Pearly, sometimes slightly metallic on cleavage surfaces
Streak White
Diaphaneity Transparent to translucent
Specific gravity 2.78–2.85
Optical properties Biaxial (-), 2V=12
Refractive index nα = 1.530–1.573 nβ = 1.557–1.617 nγ = 1.558–1.618
Birefringence δ =0.0280–0.0450
2V angle 16–20°
Other characteristics Fluorescent
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Gon deposit, Aldan, Yakutia, RF

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Iron mine, Kovdor, Kola Peninsula, RF

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Iron mine, Kovdor, Kola Peninsula, RF

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