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About company

MINERALRU.COM - a specialized online store of natural stones and collectible minerals, as well as balls made of stone from Russia and the countries of the former USSR.


Company's mission

To provide stone lovers anywhere in the world with the availability of high-quality samples of Russian collection minerals in a wide range and the geography of their mining.


The store was founded at the end of the 2000s.


The range of the online store includes a thousand samples from different parts of Russia and the countries of the former USSR and is not tied to any one region or price group. Here you can buy for yourself or as a gift everything your heart desires: samples of collectible minerals and polished stones from cheap tumbling to expensive collectible mineral mined from the Kola Peninsula to Primorye, as well as stone balls, meteorites and much more. A complete list of product sections can be found in the header of the site. I mine something myself, I exchange something with sales colleagues.

And, what is very important, I love stones just like you, I collect my own collection. So let's speak the same language!

Shop Advantages

If we translate the advantages of the store into dry formulations, we get the following:

- impeccable reputation and many years of experience,

- the presence of rare minerals, samples of unusual shape, as well as the section "Minerals glowing in UV rays"

- a wide range, geography, range of sizes and reasonable prices,

- reports on own expeditions behind the stone,

- constant updating of the assortment,

- worldwide delivery

- only natural stones,

- possibility of return

- the possibility of examination by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation,

- radiological control with own professional equipment,

- Prompt communication.

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                                                                         Best regards to all stone lovers,


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