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Middle Ural. Adui, Koltashi, Shaitanka, Lipovka 2009

    We have returned! We are Gem, the Prosecutor and I.
Alive (although they came across a fresh bear track) and healthy (although they were not always like that from what they had drunk and eaten).

We were lucky with the weather - cool and no rain. Therefore, 15 km to Adui passed easily. We exchanged gifts, drank 0.7 and went to inspect the mines. They began to dig out a mine kindly prepared for us, where Gem was waiting for a snob. But after half a meter of digging, water came out (2nd time in Gem's practice), I had to quit and go to Semenikha. Having collected quartz "fish" there in the dumps, they headed back, where Gem and the prosecutor began to finish off considerable supplies of fuel. And I fell asleep.

I woke up at three in the morning from the fact that Gem and the Prosecutor were dragging each other into the hut. Because after all they fell asleep by the fire, but woke up from the cold. At night it was minus 4. And in the hut - minus 2. Warm!
In the morning we set off on the return course. By the end of the journey, Gem and the Prosecutor already felt quite well. And on the contrary, I got sick in the last 600m, presumably from stew. It’s good that it didn’t get worse earlier - he left the taiga the color of the taiga.
Yes! I got bitten by a tick too! But he was not lucky: the vigilant eye of his comrades discovered him, and the unshakable hand of his comrades betrayed him to cremation on a match. He didn't really get to grips with me...
The next day was Lipovka.


We visited several places, and everywhere either collapsed, or flooded, or was chosen before us. Gem was amazed. But I warned that I and luck are not friends ... Then they went for opals, Pushkinite. Found, but on trifles.
On the third day they began to wash the tourmaline. The prosecutor immediately found a nice splice of verdelite. And from two stalls I found a tourmaline on the rock and a faded beryl. They didn’t climb into the tourmaline mine itself - I really want to live. The prosecutor and Gem went on reconnaissance, and I was bequeathed to dig and wash to the north of the birch. After washing 16 trays, I came to the conclusion that productivity was declining, and began to dig to the south - in this direction Gem later found his tourmaline on a crystal (!) PS.

Then we went for schorl (for its variety - I forgot the name) and chrysoberyl. The best crystals were found by Gem.
After that, we went for the Shaitan overflow, which we easily and without problems scored as much as we wanted.
That day we said goodbye to the Prosecutor, who had left earlier.
The next day we went for corundum in Koltashi. On the way we stopped at a field with smoky quartz pebbles. Of course, the Mistress was supportive of Gem, who found 7, while I found 1. Although we checked: Gem threw a pebble into my furrow - and I found it. It's just that the Mistress has not yet taken me for her. But all the same, she gave me something ... Up.on arrival in Koltashi, I asked Gem what would be: flooded, buried, or chosen before us? When we arrived, we saw that it was covered...
While Gem was digging, I picked up from the top of the dump one of the best corundum that was found here (according to Gem) and a couple of fragments. Koltashi The hostess decided to present me..

In the end, we stopped at Crystal Hill, where they slowly extracted rock crystals from the sand ... But large crystals and druze came across only Gem. However, I still scored my jar of crystals.
Then they returned to Yekaterinburg.
In short, everything went off in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, productively, albeit without fanaticism. Special thanks to Gem - for the reception and showing.

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